Watch a Customer Hit a PolyGuard Cover with a Hammer!

Don't Try This With a Competitors Box

Ever wonder what the difference is between PolyGuard enclosures and fiberglass enclosures?   Other than being lighter, safer and easier to machine,and much better under sunlight exposure, the polycarbonate material that we use to build your PolyGuard Series enclosure makes them tough as nails.

This video was provided by a customer of ours that took a hammer to a PolyGuard cover.   A couple of direct hits on a concrete surface only dislodges the gasket, causes a slight crack, and tires the arm of the guy with the hammer.   Nothing the shattering you would get with a fiberglass box or a low cost ABS blend product.

Just think how this durability improves the quality of your product or installation as well as vitually eliminates damage during shipment.   Call us to discuss your application and how durable PolyGuard Series enclosures can work for you!


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Watch a Customer Hit a PolyGuard Cover with a Hammer!
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